Masks are required for educational programs in the Museum’s theaters and classrooms, as well as for tours to Historic RCA Studio B and Hatch Show Print.



STEAM Learning

Museum STEAM program activities, instrument and listening trunk guides, Historic RCA Studio B videos

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Traveling Trunks

Students can feel, hold, play, and hear the timeless tools of both musicians and
music enthusiasts. Options include an acoustic, electric, or listening devices trunk
with instructional activities and guides.

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Listening Technology over Time

Experience Listening Technology Over Time as an asynchronous program for students to explore at any time. Similar to our live program, students learn about how listening technology evolved from the 1900s to today by examining different devices, like the gramophone, the boombox, and the iPad, and listen to music popular during the era of each device. Students are challenged to think critically through observation, comparing and contrasting, and evaluating how and why these technologies have changed over time. This version of Listening Technology Over Time features a 30-minute video divided into two video segments: Part I: 1900s-1970s (17 minutes) and Part II: 1980s-2010s (13 minutes).

This program is available to educators at no cost with registration. For immediate access, click below.

Vintage photo of Studio B with coming soon written on top

Science of Sound at Historic RCA Studio B

Explore the properties of sound waves through the history of Music Row and
the legacy of Historic RCA Studio B. The four pre-recorded videos can be
used as an asynchronous learning experience if a live program is not possible.

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