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Circle Guard

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The Circle Guard unites and celebrates individuals whose highest-level contributions of time, talent, and treasure to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum safeguard the integrity of country music and make it accessible to a global audience through the museum. Initiation into the Circle Guard ranks as the grandest distinction afforded to those whose unwavering commitment to the museum protects the legacies of the members of the Country Music Hall of Fame, and, by extension, the time-honored achievements of all who are part of the country music story.

Circle Guard initiates perpetuate Country Music Hall of Fame members’ esteem and celebrate their contributions to American cultural history. Each year, for the two weeks leading up to the Medallion Ceremony, which is the formal induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame for its three newest members, the Circle Guard conducts the Road to the Hall of Fame: Rite of Remembrance and Salute, which honors each Hall of Fame member who preceded this latest class. Circle Guard initiates also advance Hall of Fame members’ procession into the museum’s CMA Theater to commence the Medallion Ceremony.

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Steve Turner, Founder

Kyle Young, Commander General

David Conrad

Bill Denny

Mary Ann McCready

Seab Tuck