Masks are required for educational programs in the Museum’s theaters and classrooms, as well as for tours to Historic RCA Studio B and Hatch Show Print.


Summer Programs

Have summer fun at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum! Groups from summer schools, camps, day care centers, and other youth-oriented organizations can experience the story of country music through one-of-a-kind artifacts, historical films, archival sound recordings, computer interactives, art- and music-making programs, and more.

The following school and teacher programs address national and state curriculum standards and are available to educators of students from Pre-K to grade 12, and college student groups. Programs are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority is given to schools and educational organizations located in Tennessee. Minimum group size for all programs is ten participants.  

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During an interactive tour of the exhibits, students learn about the history of country music. Integrating the museum's architectural details, music, films, visual art, and historic artifacts, the exhibits provide students with a multi-layered learning experience. During the tour, students have opportunities to listen to recordings and learn how different people, styles, and influences have affected the music. Students also learn about the growth and development of Nashville as a music industry center. All programs include a Guided Highlights Tour except Making Waves at Studio B.

Tour Length: 90 minutes
Grades: K-12
Curricular Connections: English Language Arts, Music, Social Studies, Visual Art

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Using an award-winning lesson guide, teachers lead students through the lyric-writing process. Completed lessons are followed by a program with a songwriter who adds melodies to students' original lyrics. This experience requires significant class time. Lyrics are due at least two weeks before program date. This program is offered at the museum or at your school. New grade specific, Common Core-aligned lesson guides now available. For more information about Words and Music, click here.

Program Length: 60 minutes
Grades: 3-12
Curricular Connections: English Language Arts, Music, Social Studies



Conducted at Historic RCA Studio B, located on Music Row, this program teaches about Studio B’s historical significance, acoustical studio design, and the three basic phases of recording: tracking, mixing, and mastering. Students explore the various roles involved in these processes and learn about the science of sound as they participate in the mixing of a recording.

Program Length: 60 minutes
Group Size: 10-50 students
Grades: 5-12
Curricular Connections: Music, Science, Social Studies

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In this program, students focus on stage costumes, accessories, and instrument design from the museum's collection. By looking at design details, students learn about different eras in American and country music history, as well as personal expression and symbolism. Following an interactive museum tour, students have a chance to create their own designs.

Program Length: 60 minutes
Grades: K-3
Curricular Connections: English Language Arts, Music, Social Studies, Visual Art



Bang a drum, strum an autoharp, and pick a banjo! Students will try new and familiar instruments. A professional musician will provide an overview at the top of the program, demonstrating the unique sound and discussing the history of each instrument. Following the interactive presentation, participants will play each instrument on their own. Professional musicians will be on hand to provide tips and offer guidance.

Program Length: 2 hours and 30 minutes (includes Guided Highlights Tour)
Grades: K-5
Curricular Connections: English Language Arts, Music, Science, Social Studies

Additional fees apply.



Learn songwriting fundamentals, including the basics of song form, rhyme scheme, and meter, and secrets behind the creative process. Working as a class with guidance from a professional songwriter, students will analyze a song then write original lyrics and advise on musical components. The program ends with a group performance of the new composition.

Program Length: 2 hours and 30 minutes (includes Guided Highlights Tour)
Grades: 2-12
Curricular Connections: English Language Arts, Music, Social Studies

See the Teacher Resources page for the program lesson guide.

Additional fees apply.

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Check out an instrument trunk to use in the classroom. Students can play the instruments that make country country. The trunk includes a banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, and dulcimer. The Shapes, Sound Holes, and Strings Teacher’s Guide offers lessons that support the trunk or explore modern country with amplified sound through the electric trunk. Combine your in-class experience with a visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum to learn more about the instruments, their history, and important players from the past to the present.

Program Length: 60 minutes (includes Guided Highlights Tour)
Grades: K-12
Curricular Connections: English Language Arts, Math, Music, Science, Social Studies, Visual Art



Little listeners hear a story and create art inspired by the work of Shel Silverstein, a musician and visual artist who is featured in our Outlaws & Armadillos: Country’s Roaring ‘70s exhibit. We provide the inspiration—you provide the imagination. Come ready for fun!

Program Length: 60 minutes
Grades: Pre-K (ages 3-5)
Curricular Connections: English Language Arts, Music, Social Studies, Visual Art



Upcoming dates: Coming Soon

10:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. start times

Learn about Nashville’s emergence as Music City! String City: Nashville’s Tradition of Music and Puppetry is a lively telling of our city’s musical legacy. Start with the early days of stringband music and gospel music, and the birth of the Grand Ole Opry. Meet the icons of country music as the show travels through time with classic recordings that lead to present day hits. A unique way to introduce students to their city, String City brings history, visual arts, and music together on a single stage. Over thirty country music artists appear in puppet form, and every one of them had a hand in helping Nashville become Music City. Let your students discover Nashville’s cultural heritage in a fun, new way!

Limited capacity. Ticket and bus subsidies are available. Tour the Museum before or after the performance for a complete field trip experience!

Program Length: 70 minutes
Grades:  K-6
Curricular Connections: Social Studies, English Language Arts, Music, Visual Art

String City was created and is presented by Nashville Public Library's Wishing Chair Productions in collaboration with the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and was made possible by a special gift from Judy and Steve Turner to the Nashville Public Library Foundation.



Learn how the oldest surviving letterpress print shop in the U.S. thrives in the digital age. At Hatch Show Print, students learn the letterpress printing process, from initial sketches to the final pass through the press. Students explore the shop’s connection to Southern entertainment and the history of graphic design, and discover how this 19th century print shop thrives in the digital age. The program culminates in an original limited edition poster hand-inked and printed by students.

Program Length: 75 minutes
Group Size: 10-25 students
Curriculum Connections: STEAM, TN Social Studies, Visual Art

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