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About Kane Brown

Kane Brown has emerged as one of contemporary country music’s biggest stars, only a few years after he was spending break time at a shipping company posting videos of himself singing covers of songs by Chris Young, Lee Brice, and Alan Jackson. A child of poverty who sometimes didn’t have a roof over his head, he had his first smash hit in 2017: “What Ifs” was a duet with Lauren Alaina, who Brown knew from school days. He tells his unprecedented story in this episode of Voices in the Hall.

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Peter on Episode 13: Kane Brown

Kane Brown is an intriguing fellow.

He was raised around Chattanooga, and didn’t have an easy time of it. He had trouble finding purpose, and his home life was uneasy.

But, man, the guy can sing. And he was drawn to country music, early on. The stories and melodies of songs by Randy Travis, Keith Whitley, George Strait, and others spoke to him. And he found that he could sing country songs in a way that made an emotional impression on others.

Kane has, of course, become one of country music’s biggest stars. He is beloved by his heroes, and he is in demand by fans. He is living what many of us would consider to be a grand dream, and that dream was enabled by many waking hours of work and dedication. Kane Brown insisted that a rare and enviable future would become his ever-present.

Kane visited the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum’s audio lair to talk about his journey from Chattanooga kid to Nashville star. He’s a shy guy, but he opened up and talked about his life and his work. There’s no one like him, and that won’t change. We at the Museum are happy to call him a friend, and we recognize and appreciate the importance of what he’s doing and how he’s doing it.

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