T. Texas Tyler

Date: 1970 January 14
Length: 40 min.
Call Number: OH381


Country performer. Born June 20, 1916. Died January 23, 1972. Real name: David Luke Myrick. In 1946 became the first country act signed to independent label Four Star Records. His hit recordings included the recitation “Deck of Cards.” In 1948 became one of the earliest country acts to appear at Carnegie Hall. In 1949 hosted Range Round Up, a popular Los Angeles television show.

Interview Summary

1970 January 14
(40 minutes)
Country performer T. Texas Tyler gives an overview of his career. Discussion includes his early musical experiences as a traveling musician; the impact of his career on his personal life; a list of shows that he interests and influences; the start of his career and his early radio work; his stage costumes; early performed on; working with Don Pierce; and experiences working with different artists.