David Cobb

Date: 1983 October 10

Length: 150 min.

Call Number: OHC65


Radio announcer. Born 1912. Died December 1988. Career active late 1930s-early 1970s. Radio announcer for WSM Nashville. Announced pop and country programs, including the Grand Ole Opry. Best known for his phrase “Music City, U.S.A.”

Interview Summary

1983 October 10
(2 hours, 30 minutes)
WSM radio announcer David Cobb discusses his career at WSM Nashville. Discussion includes the WSM radio tower; early WSM performers, including musicians, comedians, and dramatic actors; early WSM programming; his WSM show, The World of Music; a WSM program schedule from 1955; changes in radio; WSM radio management; early DJ conventions; the Grand Ole Opry; and the move to television.