Doc Hopkins

Date: 1974 June 11
Length: 95 min.
Call Number: OH74


Country performer. Born January 26, 1899. Died January 3, 1988. Career active 1930s and 1940s. First name: Howard. Appeared on Chicago radio during the 1940s as a singer and musician who emphasized traditional material. Member of the Cumberland Ridge Runners on the WLS National Barn Dance, and a featured performer on the WJJD.

Interview Summary

1974 June 11
(1 hour, 35 minutes)
Doc Hopkins recalls his career as a country artist. Discussion includes his musical background and playing music with childhood buddy John Lair; joining the WLS (later National) Barn Dance; moving on to NBC, WMAQ, and other radio stations; playing guitar for Randy Blake on WJJD Suppertime Frolic; working conditions at WLS and why the Barn Dance folded; meeting and spending time with Uncle Dave Macon; his singing style; learning old-time songs from Bailey Briscoe; his favorite songs, “The Old ‘97” and “A Short Time Here and a Long Time Gone”; and how he got his first name.