Doc Guidry

Date: 1983 April 11
Length: 75 min.
Call Number: OHC135


Cajun Fiddler. Born April 28, 1918. Died November 10, 1992. Real name: Oran Guidry. Career active 1930s-1980s. Performed with several Cajun bands, including the Rayne Bo Ramblers and the Sons of the Cajuns. Recordings include “Chere Cherie” and “Colinda.” Member, Cajun Music Hall of Fame.

Interview Summary

1983 April 11
(1 hour, 15 minutes)
Cajun fiddler Doc Guidry recalls highlights from his music career. Discussion includes the development of his musical talent; experiences from his career as a Cajun musician, including work with Jimmie Davis; his songwriting; and Cajun musicians influential in his career.