Family Program: Creative Corn Husk Dolls

Jan 26, 2019

2 Sessions | 1:00 PM & 2:00 PM

Learn how to soak, braid, twist, and tie cornhusks to make dolls, taking inspiration from country music’s Appalachian folk roots. In the exhibit Sing Me Back Home, learn about some of the early sources of country music and watch early twentieth century footage of children dancing to live music in the home. Many families used objects and materials found around the home to make instruments and toys. One example of this resourcefulness was the corn husk doll. A traditional craft originating with the Iroquois, corn husk dolls spread throughout the Appalachian region and enjoyed popularity in that area in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Come learn these fun, traditional techniques and make your own creative cornhusk doll. Ages 4 and up. Taylor Swift Education Center.