Masks are required for educational programs in the Museum’s theaters and classrooms, as well as for tours to Historic RCA Studio B and Hatch Show Print.


Distance & Virtual Learning

Experience the unique educational programs of the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum online. We offer both synchronous (live) virtual field trips and asynchronous (pre-recorded) video programs. All virtual programs and supporting lesson materials address Tennessee and national education standards, with a focus on Fine Arts/Music, Social Studies/History, English Language Arts, STEAM, and Social and Emotional Learning.. For more information, email


Need to meet the needs of learners on a flexible schedule? Register for FREE asynchronous (pre-recorded) video programs for students to engage with before, during, and after class!

  • Listening Technology Over Time Teaser

STEAM: Listening Technology Over Time

Similar to our live program, students learn about how listening technology evolved from the 1900s to today by examining different devices, like the gramophone, the boombox, and the iPad, and listen to music popular during the era of each device. Students are challenged to think critically through observation, comparing and contrasting, and evaluating how and why these technologies have changed over time. This version of Listening Technology over Time is a a two-part, 30-minute video set.

Grades: 3-8

  • Science of Sound at Historic Studio B Teaser

Science of Sound at Historic RCA Studio B

Explore the properties of sound waves through the history of Music Row and the legacy of Historic RCA Studio B. In this live, interactive program, students learn about the significance of Studio B, the greats who worked there, and the science of sound at work in a studio space. Contemporary examples of professionals in the music industry and details about modern sound recording allow students to compare and contrast the past and present.

Grades: 5-12

  • Artifact Bytes

Artifact Bytes

Experience a byte of country music history in two minutes or less! Composed largely of primary source multimedia from
the Museum archives, these videos explore the lives of country music artists like DeFord Bailey and Dolly Parton, and Museum artifacts like the original lyrics to “Rocky Top” and Elvis Presley’s Cadillac Limousine.

Grades: 2-8


Led live by museum educators, each virtual field trip provides an instructive, engaging, and fun experience for students to explore thematic content. Minimum group size is ten students. Pricing starts at $125.


STEAM: Listening Technology Over Time

Explore the history of music listening technologies—from the gramophone to the iPod — in this interactive videoconference program. Students are challenged to think critically as they make observations, compare and contrast, and eventually discover how and why these technologies have changed over time. This program utilizes multimedia to provide a powerful look at the intersection of history, art, and technology.

Grades: 3-8
Curriculum Connections: Music, Social Emotional Learning, Social Studies, STEAM


STEAM: Science of Sound at Historic RCA Studio B

Conducted at Historic RCA Studio B, located on Music Row, this program teaches about Studio B’s historical significance, acoustical studio design, and the three basic phases of recording: tracking, mixing, and mastering. Students explore the various roles involved in these processes and learn about the science of sound as they participate in the mixing of a recording.

Grades: 2-12
Curriculum Connections: Music, Social Emotional Learning, Social Studies, STEAM


Words & Music

Using the grade-specific, Common Core-aligned Words & Music Teacher’s Guide, teachers lead students through the lyric-writing process. Completed lessons are followed by a program with a songwriter who adds melodies to students' original lyrics. The program allows students to express themselves creatively while learning essential language arts lessons, and it offers the opportunity to interact with a professional songwriter. All Words & Music sessions are recorded for classroom use. A full description is available here. A two-hour teacher training is required prior to participating in Words & Music for the first time. The songwriter workshop is 60 minutes.

Grades: 3-12
Curriculum Connections: Language Arts, Music, Social Studies


Songwriting 101

Learn songwriting basics, express creativity, and write a song with a professional writer in this engaging workshop. Songwriting 101 introduces song form and reveals secrets behind the creative process through an authentic co-writing experience. Led by a Nashville songwriter, your class will work together to create original song lyrics, discussing writing fundamentals and tips throughout the session. The program concludes with a performance of the song and a question and answer period with the songwriter. Songs created in Songwriting 101 are recorded for classroom use. Pre- and post-program lessons are available here. Songwriting 101 is 45-60 minutes.

Grades: K-12
Curriculum Connections: Language Arts, Music, Social Studies


Guided Highlights Tour

Travel in time from country music’s folk roots and the dawn of radio to contemporary country and the age of YouTube and streaming services. In this interactive virtual program, students experience pivotal moments in United States history as told through the Museum’s one-of-a-kind collection. Students encounter the Museum's architectural details, music, films, visual art, and artifacts to learn about Nashville’s place in American history and culture. Through analysis of key musical instruments, technological advances, and personal style, the country music story – a story of immigration and culture convergence – comes to life.

Grades: K-12
Curriculum Connections: English Language Arts, Music, Social Studies, Visual Art


Is It a Fiddle or a Violin?

Discover the music, history, similarities, and differences between traditional fiddle playing and classical violin technique from two professional musicians. Is It a Fiddle or a Violin? challenges students to think about music in new ways. This one-of-a-kind, interactive experience is based on the Museum’s partnership program with the Nashville Symphony. The corresponding Teacher’s Guide offers pre- and post-program lessons. Is It a Fiddle or a Violin? is 45 minutes.

Grades: K-5
Curriculum Connections: Curriculum Connections: Music, Social Studies, Social Emotional Learning, STEAM, Performing Arts


Dazzling Designs

This interactive virtual program highlights country designers, instrument makers, and other engineers whose designs enliven the Museum mission. By studying key objects and their details, students review design concepts, learn about personal expression and symbolism, and discover American and country music history. The culminating activity has students create their own unique work of art.

Grades: K-3
Curriculum Connections: English Language Arts, Music, Social Studies, Visual Art


Hatch Show Print

Discover how a letterpress print shop established in 1879 thrives in the digital age. In this interactive virtual program cast from the Hatch Show Print Shop, students learn about the letterpress printing process, from initial sketches to the final pass through the press. They also explore the shop’s connection to Southern entertainment and the history of graphic design by examining real Hatch prints.

Grades: 3-12
Curriculum Connections: Visual Art, Math, Steam, Social Studies

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