Moving Image Collection

The Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum Moving Image Collection contains over 30,000 moving images on a variety of film, video, and digital formats. The dates of these materials range from the 1920s to the present and provide a vast and unique visual history of country music.

The collection includes country music television shows, country music-related feature films, music videos, performances, awards shows, interviews, documentaries, and a strong collection of original home movies and amateur films. Access to the collection is possible through ongoing preservation, digitization, and cataloging efforts which have been possible in part by programs including the GRAMMY Foundation, the National Film Preservation Foundation, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and the National Endowment for the Humanities.


The archive actively collects moving images related to the development of country music and other vernacular music rooted in the American South. Some of our most treasured collection items come from the cameras and collections of the fans of country music. If you have questions regarding the donation of moving images to the archive, please contact us.

Footage Requests

Many items in the collection are available for viewing or use by scholars or filmmakers. The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum does not provide footage for collectors. Footage requests and research inquiries for the moving image collection us our online form.

  • CMF provides footage on the following digital formats: DV/DVCPro, mp2, mp4, 10 bit uncompressed, 8 bit uncompressed, .wav, .wmv.
  • CMF provides footage on the following video formats: DigiBeta, Betacam SP, DVD.
  • Delivery of digital files: Digital files may be downloaded from the archive drop box folder or delivered via a hard drive.
  • Please note: CMF does not provide editing or other special services for clients including color alteration, audio and picture fades, interlacing/de-interlacing, mass encoding/transcoding, and audio alteration. All files are delivered "raw" unless specified otherwise by contract. Some projects may require a third-party vendor for transfer or preservation; this may alter the standard fees.


When clips are requested that are not the property of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, screeners can be provided. The Country Music Hall of Fame can help in determining the rights holder, however responsibility lies with the requesting entity. Written permission from the appropriate rights holders, in addition to permission from the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum must be received before broadcast-quality footage of non-Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum materials can be provided.

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum represents and licenses a significant amount of clips. CMHOF clip license fees are set when the terms of use are declared. A clip license research form is sent and must be returned before fees are determined. An executed license agreement must be in-hand, with the license fee payments, along with any hard costs due, before broadcast clips are sent out.


  • Pull and handling fee (per clip): for profit: $100/not for profit: $50
  • Licensing fee (If CMF owns rights): for profit: $2,500 per minute (30 second minimum)/not for profit: $1,250 per minute (30 second minimum)
  • DVD/video license fee: additional $1,500
  • Footage research fee: profit: $60 per hour (first hour free)/not for profit: $30 per hour (first hour free)
  • Requestee pays hard costs for any hard drives or tape media delivered.

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