Teacher Comments

What Teachers Have to Say about Our Programs

"We always have a wonderful time. I have conducted this field trip for quite a few years now. Often, former students will see me and say how much fun their fifth grade trip to the Hall of Fame was. Thanks."

-Sumner Academy

"I thought the songwriting section [of the field trip] was wonderful. If that didn't inspire kids to write songs, I don't know what would."

-Stanford Montessori

"The kids had a great time today. I love that there is something close by that is so exciting for them."

-Glengary Elementary

"This trip is one of the highlights of the year!"

-McFadden School of Excellence

"We had a wonderful tour guide who was very informative and asked great questions to keep the students engaged."

-Christ the King School

"We can hardly wait to return next spring. Everyone was so helpful and made us feel so welcome. Thank you for a great field trip."

-St.  Mary's Episcopal School

"Our [tour] guides were great. They not only told us information, but they let students answer and ask questions."

-Shayne Elementary

What Teachers Have to Say about Our Lesson Guides

"We learned as much as the kids did! The activities were wonderful."

-Antioch High School

"The Teacher's Resource Guide provided great teaching opportunities for skills which we are required to teach across the curriculum. The activities complemented Metro [Nashville Public Schools] third grade curriculum."

-Westmeade Elementary

I used all of the activities in the [Words & Music] kit. I loved the entire curriculum and the culminating project. What an authentic writing assignment."

-Heritage Hills Middle School

"Similar to the other Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum teacher resource guides with which I'm familiar, the Ray Charles and Country Music Teacher Lesson Guide is a superlative resource.  It implements thorough research covering relevant background, superior materials such as Braille samples, recorded authentic CD samples, and even suggested lesson plans applicable to broad types of classes and curriculums. Including updated educational standards components makes this content especially pertinent."

-Antioch Middle School

"The Country Music Hall of Fame Words& Music curriculum is invaluable to my students in that it teaches diverse communication skills in writing, music history, career education, organization, and creativity. The experience of creating an original song, personally meeting a professional songwriter, and being encouraged to share thoughts and ideas, gives a child the confidence to succeed in other areas of his or her life."

-David Lipscomb Middle School

"The recording studio teacher guide [Studio B Teacher's Lesson Kit] is so complete even down to the cross curriculum specifics. Thank you."

-Robert E. Lillard Elementary