Henry Glover

Date: 1983 February 15
Length: 124 min.
Call Number: OHC127


Music industry executive, producer, and songwriter. Born May 21, 1921. Died April 7, 1991. Full name: Henry Bernard Glover. AKA: Henry Bernard. Career most active late 1940s-1970s. Among the first African-American music executives on a major label. Produced r&b and country music. His production credits include recordings by Bull Moose Jackson, Grandpa Jones, Hawkshaw Hawkins, and Moon Mullican. Worked for several record labels, including King Records, Roulette, and Starday-King. Songwriting credits include “I Love You, Yes I Do,” and “Blues Stay Away From Me.” Produced the 1975 Grammy Award winning album, The Muddy Waters Woodstock Album.

Interview Summary

1983 February 15
(2 hours, 4 minutes)
Producer Henry Glover talks about his career at King Records. Discussion includes his educational background; working as a big band musician; the history of King Records, including working with Syd Nathan; the publishing business; working with Moon Mullican; working in the recording studio; recording Grandpa Jones; his songwriting, including “Blues Stay Away From Me”; working with Cowboy Copas; working with Hawkshaw Hawkins; and memories from his years at King.