Hank Snow

Date: 1975 September 22
Length: 87 min.
Call Number: OH174


Country music performer. Born May 9, 1914. Died December 20, 1999. Full name: Clarence Eugene Snow. Canadian-born country star. Career active 1930s-1980s. Known for his tradition-oriented, fiddle-and-steel sound, distinctive nasal voice, and western costumes. Emerged as a major star on the Grand Ole Opry during the 1950s. Recorded for RCA 1930s-1970s. Member, Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. Member, Country Music Hall of Fame®.

Interview Summary

1975 September 22
(1 hour, 27 minutes)
Country performer Hank Snow gives a brief overview of his life and comments on the current trends in country music. Discussion includes his childhood; his introduction to country music; his musical influences, including the influence of Jimmie Rodgers; comments on the success of his career and his commitment to his fans; changes in the country music industry; his songwriting; the impact of rock & roll on his career; his association with Hill and Range; his association with Lucky Moeller; his association with RCA; his band; his guitar playing style; the move of the Grand Ole Opry from the Ryman Auditorium; and changes he has observed at the Opry.