Hackberry Ramblers

Date: 1993 December 10
Length: 48 min.
Call Number: OHC137


Influential Cajun band. Founded 1933. The band’s music is characterized by a distinctive blend of Cajun and Western Swing. Also performed under the name, the Riverside Ramblers. In 2003 the band celebrated its 70th anniversary with founding members Luderin Darbone and Edwin Duhon still performing as active members. 1997 Grammy Award nominee for their album, Deep Water.

Interview Summary

1993 December 10
(48 minutes)
Members of the Cajun band the Hackberry Ramblers, including Luderin Darbone, Edwin Duhon, Glen Croker, Johnny Farque, and Johnny Falk talk about the revival of interest in Cajun music and their current activities. Discussion includes the secret to their long success; comments on their style of Cajun music; their audience; the growing popularity of Cajun music; and memories from the early years.