Grant Turner

Date: 1974 May 13
Length: 160 min.
Call Number: OH186


Radio announcer. Born May 17, 1912. Died October 19, 1991. Real name: Jesse Granderson Turner. Career active 1940s-1991. Grand Ole Opry announcer for forty-seven years. Member, Country Music Hall of Fame®.

Interview Summary

1974 May 13
(2 hours, 40 minutes)
Radio announcer Grant Turner recalls highlights from his years at WSM Nashville. Discussion includes a family history; the origin of the name Grant; his early interest in radio; his introduction to country music; his early years as an announcer in Texas; his move to WSM; memories from his early years at WSM; memories of the early Grand Ole Opry; bringing electric instruments to the Opry; memories of early Opry performers, including DeFord Bailey, Pee Wee King, and Uncle Dave Macon; his first duties at WSM; memories of Judge Hay; and comments on factors contributing to the Opry’s survival.