Gordon Tanner

Date: 1971 November 20
Length: 43 min.
Call Number: OH377


Fiddle player. Born 1916. Died July 26, 1982. Son of pioneer country musician Gid Tanner. Member of Gid Tanner and the Skillet Lickers in the 1930’s. Leader of the band, the Junior Skillet-Lickers.

Interview Summary

1971 November 30
(43 minutes)
Gordon Tanner discusses his musical career and his father, Gid Tanner of Gid Tanner and the Skillet Lickers. Topics discussed include his background; early influence of his father and Clayton McMichen; members of the Skillet Lickers; his preference for the fiddle; touring with the Skillet Lickers; his own band and their first record; making violins as a hobby; other family members with musical talent; his attitude toward the changes in country music; musical abilities of Gid Tanner, Clayton McMichen, Riley Puckett, and Fate Norris; seeing the Carter Family before they became famous; hearing recordings by Hugh Cross and Vernon Dalhart during his youth; the finances of his father’s recordings; the Skillet Licker’s comedy and dancing routines; and his impressions of Riley Puckett.