Glen Snoddy

Date: 1983 August 15
Length: 57 min.
Call Number: OHC274


Nashville radio and recording studio engineer. Born May 4, 1922. Career active 1950s-1960s. Career history includes work for Brown Radio Productions, WSM radio and television, Bradley Recording Studio, Columbia Records, Acuff-Rose, and Woodland Sound Studios.

Interview Summary

1983 August 15
(57 minutes)
Veteran Nashville recording engineer Glen Snoddy recalls changes in recording technologies during the 1950s and 1960s. Discussion includes working at the Castle Recording Studio; a description of the recording process during the 1950s; joining the Bradley Recording Studio in 1960; a description of the recording process during the early 1960s; joining Columbia Studios in 1962; changes in recording during the mid-1960s; and the fuzz-tone guitar on Marty Robbins’s recording of “Don’t Worry.”