Girls of the Golden West

Date: 1988 November 04
Length: 130 min.
Call Number: OHC368


Country music duo. Members Millie Good (born April 11, 1913; died May 2, 1993) and Dollie Good (born December 11, 1915; died November 12, 1967). A sister act and the first nationally successful all-woman act in country music. Career most active 1930s-1940s. Very popular as performers on WLS Chicago and WLW Cincinnati.

Interview Summary

1988 November 4
(2 hours, 10 minutes)
Millie Good, member of the popular country music duo the Girls of the Golden West, discusses the group’s career history. Discussion includes her childhood; her religious background; the development of their musical talent and the start of their musical career; the origin of their stage name; their start on KMOX St. Louis; performing live shows on Mexican border radio station XER; their stage costumes; the move to WLS Chicago; memories from the National Barn Dance; working in New York; the move to WLW Cincinnati; comments on Bill McCluskey’s radio career; and their recordings for the Bluebonnet label.