George Hamilton IV

Date: 1985 November 01
Length: 51 min.
Call Number: OHC139


Country music performer. Born July 19, 1937. Began career in the 1950s as a teen idol with the hit “A Rose and A Baby Ruth.” Moved to country music in the early 1960s with several hits, including “Abilene” (1963). Known as the “International Ambassador of Country Music” for his extensive international travel and popularity.

Interview Summary

1985 November 1
(51 minutes)
George Hamilton IV describes the early development of his career in country music. Discussion includes his family history; his musical influences; memories of meeting early Grand Ole Opry performers; his early interest in country music; the impact of his high school years on his music; memories from his first visit to the Opry, where he first met Chet Atkins, when Hamilton was twelve years old.