Frankie Marvin

Date: 1975 April 01
Length: 55 min.
Call Number: OH120


Country musician. Born January 27, 1904. Died January 1985. Full name: Frank James Marvin. Early in his career he was a vaudeville performer with his brother Johnny. The Marvin brothers assisted a young Gene Autry at the start of Autry’s career. Later Frankie played steel guitar in Autry’s band where he became one of the most recognizable components of Autry’s sound.

Interview Summary

1975 April 1
(55 minutes)
Performer Frankie Marvin recalls the early years of his vaudeville career and his experiences working for Gene Autry. Discussion includes his family background; a brief overview of his brother Johnny’s early career; the start of his career during the late 1920s; the start of his association with Gene Autry; his move to Hollywood to join Autry; memories of his movie career; memories of early performers, including Vernon Dalhart and Carson Robison; and memories of Johnny Marvin.