Fiddlin’ Sid Harkreader

Date: 1986 May 12
Length: 105 min.
Call Number: OHC142


Country music performer. Born February 26, 1898. Died March 19, 1988. Full name: Sidney J. Harkreader. Popularly known as “Fiddlin’ Sid.” AKA: Sid. Career active 1920s-early 1950s. Fiddler and guitar player. First partner of Uncle Dave Macon. Grand Ole Opry performer.

Interview Summary

1986 May 12
(1 hour, 45 minutes)
Fiddler Sid Harkreader talks about his career in country music. Discussion includes his early radio appearances, including his first WSM appearance; his early work on the Grand Ole Opry; memories of Judge Hay; memories of early Opry performers; and performing on road shows with Uncle Dave Macon.