Emory & Linda Lou Martin

Date: 1985 December 06
Length: 224 min.
Call Number: OHC105


Country performer. Born August 26, 1916. Died April 17, 2006. Won fame as a one-armed banjo player. With his wife, Linda Lou, he was a long-time member of the Renfro Valley Barn Dance cast.

Interview Summary

1985 December 6
(3 hours, 44 minutes)
Renfro Valley Barn Dance veterans Emory and Linda Lou Martin recall highlights from their careers and memories of John Lair. Discussion includes Emory’s early musical influences; his experiences as a traveling country performer during the 1930s; early performers he worked with including Fiddlin’ Sid Harkreader, Uncle Dave Macon, and Johnnie Wright; his banjo playing style; his work during the 1940s; and joining the Renfro Valley Barn Dance. Linda Lou Martin discusses her childhood and her early musical influences; her experiences as a traveling performer during the early 1940s; and performers she worked with including the Amburgey Sisters and Lily May and Rosie Ledford. Together the Martins recall their experiences as members of the Renfro Valley Barn Dance cast.