Elsie McWilliams

Date: 1974 May 23
Length: 83 min.
Call Number: OH116


Country music songwriter. Born June 1, 1896. Died December 30, 1985. Known for her work in writing songs for pioneer country music recording artist Jimmie Rodgers. Wrote or co-wrote with Rodgers many of the songs he recorded, including “Daddy and Home,” “I’m Lonely and Blue,” “Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues,” “Home Call,” “My Rough and Rowdy Ways,” and “Nobody Knows But Me.” Member, Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Interview Summary

1974 May 23
(1 hour, 23 minutes)
Songwriter Elsie McWilliams talks about her work with Jimmie Rodgers. Discussion includes her family; her early musical interests; the start of her work with Jimmie Rodgers; the stories behind some of their songs, including “You and My Old Guitar,” “Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues,” and “Mississippi Moon”; Ernest Tubb’s recordings of her songs; and memories of Jimmie Rodgers.