Duke of Paducah

Date: 1984 July 20
Length: 122 min.
Call Number: OHC112


Country music performer and comedian. Born May 12, 1901. Died June 20, 1986. Real name: Benjamin Francis Ford. Later given the nickname “Whitey” for his blond hair. Acquired stage name, the Duke of Paducah, in the 1930s. Career active 1920s-1950s. Star of the Grand Ole Opry during the 1940s. Member, Country Music Hall of Fame®.

Interview Summary

1984 July 20
(2 hours, 2 minutes)
Country comedian Benjamin “Whitey” Ford, popularly known as the Duke of Paducah, recalls highlights from his career. Discussion includes performers and personalities he worked with during the 1940s and 1950s; comments about different promoters he worked with; descriptions of the different types of country comedy routines; experiences traveling as a country entertainer; and his business ventures.