Douglas B.  Green

Date: 1993 November 23
Length: 104 min.
Call Number: OHC133


Country music performer. Born March 20, 1946. Best-known as Ranger Doug from Riders in the Sky, a cowboy revival act he co-founded in 1977. Performed as a member of Bill Monroe’s Blue Grass Boys during the late 1960s. Recording credits include a solo album, Songs of the Sage, released on the Warner Western label in 1997.

Interview Summary

1993 November 23
(1 hour, 44 minutes)
Musician Doug Green, popularly known as Ranger Doug, talks about his experiences as a bluegrass musician. Discussion includes his childhood; development of his musical interests; his start in bluegrass; traveling with Bill Monroe; the culture of bluegrass; memories of Carlton Haney; memories of Bill Monroe; and general comments on bluegrass music.