Don Williams

Date: 1979 March 09
Call Number: OHC381


Country performer. Born May 27, 1939. Known as the “Gentle Giant,” a consistent hit maker from the mid-1970s-early 1990s. His list of hits includes “Good Ole Boys Like Me,” “Tulsa Time,” and “I Believe in You.”

Interview Summary

1979 March 9
Printed transcript only. Audio recording not available.
Country performer Don Williams talks about his approach to his music and career. Discussion includes his stage sound; his approach to writing; his early musical influences; his years with the band Pozo Seco; the move to Nashville; signing as a writer and later a recording artist; his early experiences in the recording studio; working with Jack Clement; the impact of his recording career on his songwriting; working with Bob McDill; his role as producer for his recordings; comparison of his style with the style of Eric Clapton; highlights from his career as a performer; comments on the categorization of musical styles and artists; comments on his religious background; and comments on his methods of song selection.