Don Pierce

Date: 1974 May 03
Length: 113 min.
Call Number: OH142


Music industry executive. Born October 10, 1915. Died April 3, 2005. Real name: Donald Frederick Picht. Career most active late 1940s-1960s. Recognized as one of the leading country music marketers of his era. Sales manager for Four Star Records, 1946-1953. President of Starday Records, 1953-1968.

Interview Summary

1974 May 3
(1 hour, 53 minutes)
Don Pierce talks about his management of Starday Records during the 1960s. Discussion includes the association between Starday and King Records; the sale of Starday to Lin Broadcasting; the demise of Starday; changes in the country music industry; Starday’s development of artists and albums; Starday’s business attitudes; the decline of the King country catalogue; development of the country music mail order record club; formation of the Starday Nashville label; changes in attitudes toward country music; his association with Ralph Peer; his work in England; working with Cowboy Copas; and comments on his decision to leave the music business.