Don Pierce

Date: 1974 April 26
Length: 133 min.
Call Number: OH141


Music industry executive. Born October 10, 1915. Died April 3, 2005. Real name: Donald Frederick Picht. Career most active late 1940s-1960s. Recognized as one of the leading country music marketers of his era. Sales manager for Four Star Records, 1946-1953. President of Starday Records, 1953-1968.

Interview Summary

1974 April 26
(1 hour, 53 minutes)
Don Pierce talks about his career, focusing on his Starday years. Discussion includes his background; his start in the music industry with the Four Star Record Company; the market for independent record labels; Four Star’s success with T. Texas Tyler; joining Starday as president and one-third owner; the Mercury-Starday country series; the importance of the publishing operation to Starday’s financial success; setting up Starday in Nashville; the impact of rock & roll on the country record market; his business management of Starday and his work with distributors; comments on his work with the Country Music Association (CMA); the split of Mercury-Starday; his new role as sole owner of Starday; the introduction of the country album format; Starday’s bluegrass market; the development of the Country Music Record Club of America; and answers to some of the criticisms he has received from the music industry.