Doc Williams

Date: 1976 January 13
Length: 94 min.
Call Number: OH203


Country performer. Born June 26, 1914. Real name: Andrew John Smik, Jr. Performer and recording artist whom, with his band the Border Riders, performed throughout the Northeast and eastern Canada from the late 1930s-1990s. Joined the WWVA Wheeling Jamboree in 1937. In 1946 his wife, Chickie (born February 13, 1919), joined the band. In 1947 formed Wheeling Records. Creator of the Doc Williams Guitar Course.

Interview Summary

1976 January 13
(1 hour, 34 minutes)
Country performer Doc Williams describes the development of his career. Discussion includes his childhood and early musical influences; comments on his use of an accordion in his country bands; joining the WWVA Wheeling Jamboree in 1937; working with the Kansas Clodhoppers; the origin of his nickname, “Doc”; memories of his band the Cherokee Hillbillies; working with Miss Billie Walker & the Texas Longhorns; formation of Doc Williams & the Border Riders; working as a radio performer on WWVA during the 1940s; the development and popularity of his guitar course; his experiences as a local regional performer and the impact of industry changes on local performers; a description of his stage show; his experiences working in Canada; comments on changes in country music; his experiences working in England and Ireland; and reflections on his career.