David P.  Stone

Date: 1982 August 28
Length: 70 min.
Call Number: OHC288


Radio and television broadcaster. Born October 27, 1901. Died August 31, 1995. Joined WSM Nashville as general staff and Grand Ole Opry announcer, early 1930s. Joined KSTP St. Paul, 1940. Founder, Sunset Valley Barn Dance radio and television shows. Host, Hymn Time, 1960s-1970s. Retired from broadcasting, 1977.

Interview Summary

1982 August 28
(1 hour, 10 minutes)
Broadcaster David P. Stone recalls his experiences working in Nashville radio during the 1930s. Discussion includes his family history and early career; his start in broadcasting at WLAC -Nashville; his move to WSM-Nashville; hosting the Grand Ole Opry; experiences working with live radio; managing the WSM booking service; Uncle Dave Macon’s popularity; Roy Acuff’s popularity; experiences as a WSM host; and memories of early WSM personalities.