D Kilpatrick

Date: 1975 February 25
Length: 65 min.
Call Number: OH82


Music industry executive. Born July 18, 1919. Full name: Walter David Kilpatrick. AKA: W. D. Kilpatrick. Career most active 1940s-1960s. Nashville-based country producer for Capitol Records, 1950-1951. Country producer for Mercury Records, 1951-1956. Manager, WSM’s Grand Ole Opry, 1956-1959. Helped launch Acuff-Rose Artists Corporation, 1959. Later served with Warner Bros. Records and Philips Records. One of the founders of the Country Music Association (CMA).

Interview Summary

1975 February 25
(1 hour, 5 minutes)
Music industry executive D Kilpatrick talks about the development of the country music industry, focusing on the 1950s. Discussion includes his early career at Mercury Records; Mercury artists he worked with including the Carlisles, the Stanley Brothers, and Carl Story; the original Country Music Disc Jockey Convention; the start of the Country Music Association (CMA) and issues facing the early organization; comments on promoter and artist manager Colonel Tom Parker; comments on the early 1950s trend of duet recordings; and memories of Bob Atcher and Mitch Miller.