Curly Myers

Date: 1988 July 18
Length: 92 min.
Call Number: OHC400


Country performer. Real name: Gerald Myers. Radio performer in the Midwest. Career most active late 1940s-1950s. Member of the band Captain Stubby & the Buccaneers. During the 1950s operated the music theme park, Shady Acres.

Interview Summary

1988 July 18
(1 hour, 32 minutes)
Curly Myers recalls his experiences as a radio performer, musician, and theme park owner/manager during the 1940s-1970s. Discussion includes the story behind the formation of Captain Stubby & the Buccaneers; their early work for sponsor Semisolid Buttermilk, a Consolidated Products Company, as the Semisolid Rangers; working for Cincinnati radio station WLW and George Biggar; personnel changes within the Buccaneers; the development and management of his park, Shady Acres; memories of performers he worked with during his career, including Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, and the Delmore Brothers; and his experiences working as a performer.