Curly Fox

Date: 1986 May 19
Length: 255 min.
Call Number: OHC119


Country music performer. Born November 9, 1910. Died November 10, 1995. Real name: Arnim LeRoy Fox. Career most active 1930s-1960s. Expert fiddler and performer. Performed with his wife as the popular 1940s and 1950s musical duo “Curly Fox & Texas Ruby.”

Interview Summary

1986 May 19
(4 hours, 15 minutes)
Country music performer Curly Fox talks about the development of his career as a musician. Discussion includes memories from his childhood; early radio performers, including Bradley Kincaid; prominent fiddle players and fiddling styles; the development of his fiddling style; a description of a medicine show; working as a radio performer on WSM’s Grand Ole Opry and on other stations; experiences as a traveling musician; early fiddle contests promoted by Larry Sunbrock; his early recording work; and working with Texas Ruby.