Cleve Francis

Date: 1995 December 29
Length: 136 min.
Call Number: OHC121


Country music performer. Born April 2, 1945. Full name: Cleveland Francis, Jr. African-American country music artist and successful cardiologist. Recorded three albums for Liberty Records during the early 1990s.

Interview Summary

1995 December 29
(2 hours, 16 minutes)
Country performer Cleve Francis talks about his career, exploring several influences, including his African-American heritage and his age. Discussion includes African-American involvement in country music; the story behind his recording of “Love Light” and “Walkin’”; his family history and childhood; his early interest in music; pursuing his music; circumstances leading to his first album, Last Call For Love, and experiences recording for Playback Records; the “Love Light” video and its impact on his career; working with Jimmy Bowen; experiences as an African-American breaking into country music; the country radio market; issues behind his song selections; experiences working within the music industry; his decision to return to his medical career; marketing factors that affect new artists; and the concept of African-Americans in country music. Featured artist on the boxed album set From Where I Stand: The Black Experience in Country Music (Warner Bros., 1998).