Charlie Louvin

Date: 1987 May 27
Length: 276 min.
Call Number: OHC366


Country music performer. Born July 7, 1927. Career most active late 1940s-1960s. Real name: Charlie Elzer Loudermilk. With his brother Ira formed the Louvin Brothers, one of the most influential harmony duos in the history of country music. Member, Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. Member, Country Music Hall of Fame®.

Interview Summary

1987 May 27
(4 hours, 36 minutes)
Country performer Charlie Louvin recalls the career development of the Louvin Brothers. Discussion includes a family history and memories from his childhood; early musical influences; memories of the early Grand Ole Opry shows; development of their singing style; memories of early medicine shows; the start of their music career; memories from the early years of their career; working with Eddie Hill; working with Fred Rose; their recording career; their work on Memphis radio; and the growth of their career.