Catherine Robison

Date: 1983 June 09
Length: 56 min.
Call Number: OHC244


Widow of country music pioneer, Carson Robison.

Interview Summary

1983 June 9
(56 minutes)
Catherine Robison, widow of country music pioneer Carson Robison, recalls highlights from her husband’s career. Discussion includes her work for the Victor Talking Machine Company and meeting Carson Robison; Carson’s ability to whistle two tones in harmony; stories of his childhood and his early career; his work with Vernon Dalhart; his songwriting; his pseudonyms, including Maggie Andrews and Bud Billings; the split between Dalhart and Robison; his tours in England, including memories of his performance for the King and Queen; the early years of their marriage; his career during World War II, including the letter songs; performing for President Roosevelt; his radio work; his work with Frank Luther; his work with the Mitchells; and comments on his personality and attitudes.