Carlisle Brothers

Date: 1968 September 18
Length: 43 min.
Call Number: OH294


Country music duo. Members, Bill Carlisle (born December 19, 1908; died March 17, 2003) and Cliff Carlisle (born March 6, 1904; died April 2, 1983). Career active 1930s-1940s. Popular radio performers, appeared for over ten years on the WNOX-Knoxville radio shows Mid-Day Merry-Go-Round and Tennessee Barn Dance. Recorded for the Decca and King record labels, their hit recordings include “Rainbow at Midnight,” 1946.

Interview Summary

1968 September 18
(43 minutes)
Country performers Bill and Cliff Carlisle recall highlights from their career as the popular country music duo, the Carlisle Brothers. Discussion includes their childhood and early musical interests; formation of the Carlisle Brothers; their first recordings; early recording sessions; early experiences as stage performers; comments on changes in country entertainment; Bill’s famous onstage jumping; and their last professional performance as the Carlisle Brothers.