Bradley Kincaid

Date: 1974 July 10
Length: 178 min.
Call Number: OH83


Country music performer. Born July 13, 1895. Died September 23, 1989. Known as the Kentucky Mountain Boy. Popular radio performer. Started his career as a radio performer in the late 1920s on the WLS National Barn Dance. While at WLS he published the first of his thirteen songbooks. Worked successfully as a radio performer for several stations, including Cincinnati radio station WLW and Nashville radio station WSM. His last major radio work was on the Grand Ole Opry during the mid-1940s. Member, Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Interview Summary

1974 July 10
(2 hours, 58 minutes)
Pioneering radio star Bradley Kincaid recalls highlights from his career. Discussion includes the development of his early musical training and interests; his family history and childhood; his audition for the WLS National Barn Dance in the late 1920s; the development of his first songbook; his move to Cincinnati station WLW in the early 1930s; experiences as a performer; the popularity of his style of music; memories of early radio; the story behind “Old Joe Clark”; royalties from his songbooks; his stage attire; Gene Autry’s first appearance on WLS; his first recordings; experiences surround his work at different radio stations; doing radio commercials; his move to the Grand Ole Opry in the early 1940s; experiences working as a tent show entertainer; working as a solo performer; his last recordings in the mid-1960s; his business interests upon retiring from entertainment; and comments on changes in country music.