Bradley Kincaid

Date: 1967 November 02
Length: 33 min.
Call Number: OH332


Country music performer. Born July 13, 1895. Died September 23, 1989. Known as the Kentucky Mountain Boy. Popular radio performer. Started his career as a radio performer in the late 1920s on the WLS National Barn Dance. While at WLS he published the first of his thirteen songbooks. Worked successfully as a radio performer for several stations, including Cincinnati radio station WLW and Nashville radio station WSM. His last major radio work was on the Grand Ole Opry during the mid-1940s. Member, Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Interview Summary

1967 November 2
(33 minutes)
Pioneer radio star Bradley Kincaid gives an overview of his life and career. Discussion includes his childhood, including his pursuit of an education; the development of his musical talent and style; the start of his radio career; developing his songbooks for radio sale; the growth of his radio career; the story behind his Hound Dog guitar; and a description of his family.