Brad McCuen

Date: 1975 April 23
Length: 147 min.
Call Number: OH105


Music executive. Born May 17, 1921. Sales and production executive for RCA Records, 1948-1969. In 1969 he left RCA to head Mega Records and oversaw the release of the label’s biggest record, Sammi Smith’s “Help Me Make It Through the Night.” Later served as Director of Country Music for SESAC. Longtime Country Music Foundation board member.

Interview Summary

1975 April 23
(2 hours, 27 minutes)
Music industry executive Brad McCuen talks about influential events and personalities from the early years of the recording industry. Discussion includes comments on Eli Oberstein’s career; story of the first gold record award; the early years of the recording industry; a description of early recording techniques; the story of Ralph Peer’s early field work, including his recording of Mamie Smith; memories of Art Satherley; working with Hill and Range; comments on how changing record labels can impact an artist’s career; the uneasy acceptance of country music among Nashville establishment; and his experiences as an A&R man.