Bobby Lord

Date: 1969 October 01
Length: 35 min.
Call Number: OH92


Country performer. Born January 6, 1934. Died February 16, 2008. Full name: Robert Lester Lord. Career most active 1950s-1960s. Best known as a television performer. Started his career at WSUN, Tampa, Florida with a local program, The Bobby Lord Homefolks Show. Regular cast member of the Ozark Jubilee, 1955-1960. Worked on the Grand Ole Opry, 1960-1969. Hosted his own syndicated country music television show during the mid-1960s, The Bobby Lord Show. Author, Hit the Glory Road (Nashville: Broadman Press, 1969).

Interview Summary

1969 October 1
(35 minutes)
Country television host and performer Bobby Lord talks about his career. Discussion includes his childhood and the start of his music career; different instruments he plays; his musical influences; his association with Boudleaux Bryant; the development of his singing style; his first recordings; his early television work; his personal life and career; comments on changes in country music; the role of Nashville as the center of the country music industry; highlights from his career; and comments on the relationship between a performer and the audience.