Bob Shortridge

Date: 1989 April 20
Length: 189 min.
Call Number: OHC262


Country performer. Born May 31, 1918. Career most active 1930s. Popular regional country entertainer and radio show performer.

Interview Summary

1989 April 20
(3 hours, 9 minutes)
Bob Shortridge recalls his career as a country musician during the 1930s. Discussion includes a brief family history; his early musical influences; formation of the Mountain Melody Boys; sponsorship by the Continental Baking Company; experiences during the early years of his career, including working at The Village Barn in New York City; his role as group comedian; a description of his early shows and the accompanying advertising; the formation of the Hilltop Harmonizers; working at WNOX; appearing on the Grand Ole Opry; their hit songs, including “We’ll Rest at the End of the Trail” and other songs written by Fred Rose and Curt Polten; working for the group Salt & Peanuts; the Boys From Kentucky; joining the Army in 1940; his wife’s career as a member of the Cowgirl Swingsters; and his life outside of the music industry.