Bob Baker

Date: 1985 December 04
Length: 100 min.
Call Number: OHC25


Country music performer. Born January 28, 1916. Died July 21, 1988. Long-time cast member of the Renfro Valley Barn Dance.

Interview Summary

1985 December 4
(1 hour, 40 minutes)
Veteran performer Bob Baker recalls his experiences on the Renfro Valley Barn Dance. Discussion includes his childhood and early musical influences; his first appearance on Renfro Valley; memories of early performers; joining Renfro Valley as a regular performer in the mid-1940s; working for John Lair; early sponsors; songs he wrote and performed; the typical audience; his work on the Sunday Morning Gatherin’; his musical style; various festivals and events held at Renfro Valley; and memories of early performers, including Stringbean, Randall Parker, and Emory Martin.