Bob Atcher

Date: 1987 May 01
Length: 231 min.
Call Number: OHC17


Country music recording artist and radio performer. Born May 11, 1914. Died October 31, 1993. Full name Robert Owen Atcher. Career active 1930s-early 1970s. Appeared as a regular performer on the WLS National Barn Dance and the WGN Barn Dance from the 1940s-1971.

Interview Summary

1987 May 1
(3 hours, 51 minutes)
Performer Bob Atcher gives an overview of his long career in country music. Discussion includes his musical influences; the start of his music career in the early 1930s; his childhood in North Dakota; his college years; his work in radio; comments on the prejudice common towards country music and country performers; the WLS National Barn Dance and WGN Barn Dance shows; his movie work; his recording career; missed business opportunities; musical performances while in the United States military; and comments on his album, the Dean of the Cowboy Singers.