Blue Sky Boys

Date: 1974 July
Length: 170 min.
Call Number: OH287


Country music duo. Members, William A. Bolick (born October 28, 1917; died February 13, 2008) and Earl A. Bolick (Born November 16, 1919; died April 19, 1998). Career most active 1930s and 1940s. A musical style characterized by a distinctive blend of vocal harmonies with mandolin and guitar accompaniment.

Interview Summary

1974 July
(2 hours, 50 minutes)
Country performer Bill Bolick of the musical duo the Blue Sky Boys, recalls the act’s career in country music. Discussion includes childhood and early musical influences; the start of his music career; playing the mandolin; song selection; his experiences as a radio performer; their recording career; the story behind the name Blue Sky Boys; pre-World War II vs. postwar recordings; their experiences reentering the entertainment business after World War II and their postwar career; comments on different songs they recorded during their years in the music business; their introduction of old folk ballads into the commercial marketplace; the decision to disband in 1951; and an overview of their place in country music.