Blue Sky Boys

Date: 1974 May 26
Length: 35 min.
Call Number: OH12


Country music duo. Members, William A. Bolick (born October 28, 1917; died February 13, 2008) and Earl A. Bolick (Born November 16, 1919; died April 19, 1998). Career most active 1930s and 1940s. A musical style characterized by a distinctive blend of vocal harmonies with mandolin and guitar accompaniment.

Interview Summary

1974 May 26
(35 minutes)
Country performers Bill and Earl Bolick, professionally known as the Blue Sky Boys, recall their career. Discussion includes the development of their musical style and the influence of the Monroe Brothers; early career experiences; their first recordings and impact of “The Sunny Side of Life” on their career; their song selection; changes in country music; experiences working with different producers; the role of Red Hicks in the group; and comedy as part of their stage show.