Billy Deaton

Date: 2000 December 05
Length: 62 min.
Call Number: OHC396


Country music promoter and talent agent. Born September 19, 1935. Career most active 1960s-2000. One of the first promoters to book Charley Pride. Managed the career of Faron Young, 1970s-1996.

Interview Summary

2000 December 5
(1 hour, 2 minutes)
Talent agent Billy Deaton describes the development of his career. Discussion includes the role of his childhood in his future success; his first job; joining the Air Force and his early work as a booking agent; his early career selling radio time and his first connection with Nashville talent agents; the start of his career booking country music talent; his working style; the Rankin Transmission shows; and his experiences booking Charley Pride early in Pride’s career.