Bill Porter

Date: 1995 September 13
Length: 207 min.
Call Number: OHC232


Recording engineer. Born June 15, 1931. Full name: Billy Rhodes Porter. Chief engineer for RCA Records Nashville, 1959-1963. Engineer for Columbia Records Nashville, 1963. Manager, Monument Records Nashville studio, 1964-1966. Operated his own recording studio in Las Vegas, 1966-1973. Engineered Elvis Presley’s stage shows, 1970-1977.

Interview Summary

1995 September 13
(3 hours, 27 minutes)
Recording engineer Bill Porter talks about the post-Nashville phase of his career, focusing on his work in Las Vegas and his work with Elvis Presley. Discussion includes an overview of the recording business in Las Vegas; the start of Porter Industries in 1969; experiences engineering the sound for the Elvis Presley live show; an overview of a typical Elvis tour and description of the stage show; comments on Elvis’s health; receiving news of Elvis’s death and comments on Elvis’s funeral; a description of the recording techniques utilized for adding the horns and vocals to “Suspicious Minds”; the story behind his business interest in Vega Music International (VMI) recording and publishing company; his resignation from the University of Miami; experiences working for Jimmy Swaggart Ministries; and the resulting differences between himself and the Swaggart Ministries.