Bill Mounce

Date: 1974 August 16
Length: 78 min.
Call Number: OH125


Bandleader and musician. Born June 26, 1917. Based in Texas. Drummer and bass player. Leader of the Sons of the South, a band that included Bob Dunn and Jerry Irby. Recorded for the Bluebird record label in 1941.

Interview Summary

1974 August 16
(1 hour, 18 minutes)
Texas-based musician Bill Mounce recalls experiences from his career. Discussion includes the start of his music career; memories of promoter Oscar Davis; experiences during his early career; experiences as a session musician; working with Willie Nelson; his booking agency; the multiple directions of his later career; experiences working in western swing bands, including work with Johnny Lee and Bob Wills; and comments on his experiences in the music industry.